The Kensington BIA hosts a wealth of resources and services for your business. 

We are strongly connected to the community and surrounding residential area. We are always seeking new opportunities for art, access, visibility and networking for our members.

We advocate and lobby on behalf of the shopping district to improve the public realm, represent our business members and promote the area to shoppers.

If you have a resource you’d like to share with our members, please contact us!


Available at the BIA office!

We have several books and resources available for our business members including:

City of Calgary Resource Links

This City of Calgary provides hundreds of services and resources for small businesses, residents and the BIA public realm.

This list of resources and links were developed with the BIA Liaison for the City of Calgary

The Kensington BIA office is also an excellent resource for linking you with City services and contacts.

If you are a BIA member business, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with City services or with contact requests.


City Initiative/Services Webpage
311 Online
Banner Over Roadway Permit (includes information on pageantry flags and banners + how to apply)

BIA Boards

Business Licensing Bylaw

Business Resources

Getting started – business 101:

How to apply for a business licence:

Retail and Consumer Goods: New Business Guide:

Understanding Business Licence Requirements:

Business Tax Consolidation

Calgary Parking Authority – event rentals
Cannabis Consumption Bylaw
(comes into force on the day the Cannabis Act
comes into force)
Capital Projects

City Committees and Council

Citizen Information for Council Meetings:

Communicating with Calgary City Council and Its Committees:

Presenting to a City Committee:

Community Standards Bylaw:

  • Untidy properties – section 4
  • Graffiti prevention and abatement – section 6
  • Regulation of noise – section 9
  • Maintenance of buildings, structures and fences – section 12
  • Outdoor light – section 43

Council Policy Library
Cut Red Tape Program
DOAP Team (Downtown Outreach Addictions Partnership) (not a City of Calgary initiative; run by Alpha House)

Encampments (includes information on how to report an encampment and how reports of encampments are handled)

Events and Festivals

Event Opportunity Form (first step of City’s process for managing and approving Festivals and Events):

Festivals and Events (event planning resources, event funding, Festival and Event 101):

Food Trucks

Mobile Food Vendors – New Business Guide:

Full Service Food Vehicle (i.e. Food Trucks) – section 36.1, Business licensing bylaw:

Invest In Calgary
Main Streets
Municipal Development Plan
Murals on Buildings
(classified as “Art Sign” – Part 3, Division 5, Section 79 of the Calgary Land Use Bylaw)

(business licensing, changes to business, business permits)
Panhandling Bylaw
Parking Bylaw
Parking Policies
Parking Revenue Reinvestment Program
Park, Pathway or Greenspace Bookings
Pedestrian Strategy
Patios Please call Planning & Development with details on proposed patio (e.g. is proposed patio on private/public property?) in order to determine next steps: 403-268-5311.

Pop-Up Retail

Needs a business licence; for pop-ups in a temporary outdoor space, licence type would be “Retail Dealer – No Premises”. For pop-ups occupying a storefront, would apply for a standard business licence. Please contact the Planning Services Centre for more information; 403-268-5311
Public Behaviour Bylaw

Residential Parking Relaxation for events

Please call 311 and request an enforcement relaxation for the date and time the event is scheduled.
Road Construction Projects
(current construction projects and road closures)
Sandwich Boards
(classified as “Temporary Sign” – Part 3, Division 5, Section 89 of the Calgary Land Use Bylaw)


Signage (bylaws related to signage including posters, signs on private property, signs and parks, signs on municipal property)

Smoking and Vaping Bylaw

Snow Route Parking Bans

Streets Bylaw

  • Newspaper vending boxes – section 6
  • Sidewalk cafes – section 7
  • s-PARK (“closure of all or part of a Street for an extended period of time for the purpose of allowing the closed portion to be used for rest, recreation, exercise, pleasure, amusement, and enjoyment”) – section 7.1
  • Litter – section 17.1
  • Sidewalks (including snow removal) – sections 67 to 70


Third Party Advertising Sign Guidelines

Traffic Bylaw:

  • Maintenance and street cleaning – section 37.2
  • Parades and special roadway events – section 40
  • Bicycles – section 41
Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
Tree Protection Bylaw

Waste and Recycling Bylaw

  • Commercial garbage- sections 31 to 38
  • Recycling and diversion of food and yard waste material at non-residential parcels – sections 42.5 to 42.6

Wayfinding Program
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