How does your business benefit from being located in a Business Improvement Area (BIA)?

  • Access to a person (the Executive Director) to liaise on your behalf with the city, the media, Calgary Parking Authority, Roads, etc.
  • Support for your business through listing on the BRZ website
  • Collective Marketing and cross-promotional efforts including website and social media to benefit the membership
  • Promotion of the shopping district through events
  • Beautification of the area through seasonal pageantry banners, Christmas decorations, lights in trees
  • The ability to bring BRZ specific issues to the city’s attention through the collective voice of the federation of Calgary BRZ Executive Directors (C-Biz)
  • Access to anti-graffiti programs negotiated by C-Biz and established through city grants to provide free and/or subsidized graffiti removal
  • Access to on-going extra sidewalk cleaning grants negotiated by C-Biz with the city
  • Community safety issues can be directly addressed through liaison with City Bylaw Services
  • A Community Police Liaison Officer and Bylaw officers specifically assigned to your area.
  • Expedited 311 service
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