Kensington Business Improvement Area (BIA)

Executive Director, Annie MacInnis
[email protected]
Office: 403.969.3216

Kensington Community Police Liaison Officer 

Cst.  James Dore – [email protected]

Kensington Bylaw Officer
Sgt. Fausto Riciggo  403-312-0650

Public Realm

  • BRZ streetlight Banners (damaged) – Please contact our offices to request replacement 
  • Outdoor patios – New regulations relax size restrictions, delete the requirement for  entry through eatery, and relax how patios can be opened and operated and parking requirements. Go to for more information. If you would like assistance and support for your Outdoor Patio Application contact our offices!


  • Broken tree branches – 311
  • Broken bench or bike rack – 311
  • Damaged bus shelter, broken traffic light, leaking fire hydrant, broken street signs – 311
  • Abandoned bulky waste in alley (mattresses, couches…) – 311
  • Canada Post box (broken or damaged) – 1-866-7607-6301
  • Graffiti on your building or on public realm– Email our Executive Director for the graffiti removal form and FAQs package.

Social Disorder

Report all break-ins/robberies
Reports contribute to Kensington crime statistics and support allocation of regular patrols and bike patrols to Kensington area. Please report non-urgent matters to 311 or police non-emergency (403-266-1234) and in progress issues to 911.

Overdose/drug issues – Call 911 if urgent (person is non-responsive or is in immediate distress and/or danger).

If not urgent, call the DOAP team – 403-998-7388.

Panhandling – is permitted unless person is blocking the sidewalk or is abusive. Contact police non-emergency (403-266-1234) or bylaw (311) for sidewalk blocking and/or abusive behaviour.

Homeless encampment – report to bylaw via 311.

Person asleep on the street – Call the DOAP team to assess – 403-998-7388.

Found needles – 311.


Is the alley behind your business too dark? 

You can apply to have a dawn to dusk energy efficient light installed by Enmax on an existing wooden light pole. Cost is $17.59/month added onto your electricity bill. The light turns on and off automatically and Enmax deals with any maintenance issues:


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