Originally opened as Pie Hole, and changed to Pie Junkie, Owner Nancy Goemans is no stranger to both the business world and food industry. Upon her mother’s passing, Nancy decided to pursue her passion with the money her mother left. Alongside business partner Jo-anne Caza who has a long-standing career in the oil and gas industry and is Nancy’s friend of 23 years – they opened Pie Junkie.

Opening their first location in the South West community of Spruce Center in 2015, they were pioneers in re-vamping the area. All the pie fillings are made from scratch and are lovingly baked in all butter pastry. Changing out their selection seasonally, their sweet pies can range from blueberry nectarine, to pecan cranberry butter tart. Proudly using Alberta, pork, beef and lamb for their savory pies – Pie Junkie cut, grinds and chops the meat and slow cooks it to perfection.

“We love having storefront locations, but we also love participating in different markets across the City. Part of our give back to the community is participating in the hospital markets and sending a number of wonderful charities in our city, such as the Mustard Center and the Calgary Dream Centre our pies,” says Nancy.

Recently opening their second location in Kensington, the aroma of spices and freshly kneaded dough wafts through their shop, which is a quaint spot just around the corner from Red’s Diner.

“People have been incredibly welcoming and wonderful in this neighbourhood,” says Nancy. “I love the diversity, vibrancy and urban feel of the community and all the surrounding businesses.”

Although Nancy and Jo-anne are constantly researching new recipes, some are passed down straight through old family recipes such as the steak and kidney pies, and the minced meat tart.

With Christmas coming, word on the street is the Pie Junkies tourtieres are a must try. Everything is home made and authentic – right down to the delicious Christmas spices. “Get it while you can. It’s a brilliant and traditional tourtiere,”adds Nancy.

For those looking for gluten free pies – with 24 hours notice, Pie Junkie is happy to accommodate. To special order pies, or to browse their menu, customers can visit www.piejunkie.ca.

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