In December 2018, Calgary Parking Authority launched a new mobile app for the City. You can find the app on your mobile device by searching in your app server for “Calgary Parking Authority”.

With parking at a premium, there is an ongoing belief that Kensington has “no parking”. Kensington currently has 718 public parking stalls with 20% vacancy average. This app will help visitors to Kensington to find parking easily.


The new app boasts:

  • A revamped clean/sleek interface
  • Easy to find parking map (showing each of Kensington’s public parking locations and available spots in each location – screenshot shown to the right)
  • Automatic fund top-up, no need to worry about running out of funds.
  • In-app notifications – get notified when your session is ending
  • Find My Car feature – forgot where you parked? No worries!

Why get the app?

  • Pay for parking from the warmth of your car.
  • Save time and money: deactivate your parking session and get money back for unused time.
  • No minimum purchase for ParkPlus cell phone account transactions on-street.
  • And so much more, click here to learn more.
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