“There isn’t one here, but there is definitely a market for it,” said Tia Wieler, Owner of Regal Cat Café. In June 2017, Tia introduced her cat café to the neighbourhood of Kensington and received instant positive feedback accompanied by an influx of media calls. Originally from Nanaimo B.C, Tia was first inspired to open a cat-centric café after watching an episode of Amazing Race in which contestants visited a cat café in Thailand.

“The Kensington neighbourhood was my first choice, it was the right atmosphere and right environment for the business.”

Guests of the café have the option to sit down and enjoy a latte and treat, including hand-crafted macrons from Ollia. Browse the cat inspired home décor and gifts, most of which are sourced locally, such as Frankie Print Co, or sign up for 45-minute cat cuddles.

“We wanted to meet the need of Kensington residents to have pet experiences if they aren’t allowed to have one, or can’t have one for a number of reasons.”

Speaking of having them, each cat is available for adoption, thanks to the partnership Regal Cat Café has with the cat focused charity, Meow Foundation. The café has 10-12 cats and kittens at all times, and if after the 45-minute visit a guest wants more, they can go to the Meow Foundation website and fill out an adoption application.

“So far the café has a 100 per cent adoption rate. Since opening at the end of June, almost 60 cats have been placed in loving homes. We’ve already had six staff members adopt as well!”

As for future plans for the Café, keep an eye out for a number of cat inspired events, such as paint nights and yoga.

“My favourite part about being in Kensington is being a part of an eclectic community and making connections with the other businesses.”

For more information on Regal Cat Café, follow @regalcatcafe on social media or visit www.regalcafecafe.com to book your visit!

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