Location: 1127b Kensington Rd NW
Stairs to lower-level of building leading to Vine Styles entrance.

This colorful mural was sponsored by Theodore Condos and installed by PARK Productions featuring the work of artist Leetia Lyons as part of the intial art installations of:

The mural plays with colour and light, capturing the illumination path of the entranceway light installation. What a playful and engaging way to invite pedestrians to explore the space and find the lower-level tenant, Vine Styles (a well-stocked liquor store offering tastings and a wide selection of products and equpiment for the wine lover).

About the Artist:

Leetia Lyons
Instagram: @leechuts

Leechuts is the alias of Leetia Lyons, a Calgary-based illustrator and designer. She specializes in digital mediums to create design solutions and clean artwork for clients.

Her personal pieces often consist of female figures and graphic elements, with influences from fashion, photography, and various artistic sub-cultures. She is an alumnus of the AuArts’ Design Program and has designed for clients in real estate, tech, automobile, and non-profit.

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