Location: 223 – 10th Street NW

This colorful mural was sponsored by Theodore Condos and installed by PARK Productions featuring the work of artists Leetia Lyons (Lee Chuts) and Angel & Alex (IndiCity) as part of the art installation project known as:

This colorful temporary street mural livens the façade of one of Ridley’s Cycle adding a vibrant color pop to the public realm on 10th Street NW.

About the Artists:

Sydonne Warren
Instagram @sydtheartiste

Syd The Artiste, also known as Sydonne Warren, is a Calgary based Visual Artist who began her self-taught art journey in 2013. Since then, Sydonne has developed into a professional Artist, Instructor and Designer and finally a student at Alberta University of the Arts.

Sydonne predominantly creates portraits but has recently explored abstract works. Her artwork often showcases a combination of high contrast subjects, bold but straightforward colour palettes, and a mixture of expressive strokes, drips and rigid lines. Sydonne’s themes are usually a reflection of herself and her desire for people of the African diaspora not only to occupy, but impact and own space.

Angel & Alex (IndiCity)
IndiCity.ca | Instagram: @indi_city

Angel Aubichon and Alex Manitopyes are a two-spirited couple based in Calgary, offering creative visuals and storytelling through the lens of art, photography and filmmaking.

Indi City also creates authentic handcrafted beaded jewelry including earrings, necklaces, chokers and beaded hats. A one-of-a kind, ‘Matriarch Speaks’ is a signature wearable technology project that has been on the runway with MakeFashion2017.

Indi City embodies fashion innovation and Angel’s cultural roots. Indi City accessories are infused with tranquil floral patterns, feminine energy, and whispered stories within each piece.

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