Hi Kensington Member Businesses!

Help Us Promote Your Businesses
Spring is here and we are excited to see all the new things happening in our community! As we all work together to promote the unique character of Kensington, we want to remind you that we are always looking for ways to help promote your businesses.

One way you can help us spread the word is by letting us know about your weekly specials (we are compiling a list of specials by days of the week), events, and promotions. We want to help you reach a wider audience and get more customers in the door. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any updates or news you’d like us to share!

When you do, be sure to tag us on Instagram and Twitter with @kensingtonyyc so we can help promote your posts and events to our followers.

Social media is a powerful tool, and we want to help you use it to your advantage. If you’re not already following us, be sure to do so for updates on what’s happening in the neighbourhood.

Please send an email to [email protected] and [email protected] with weekly specials or events we may help promote. Feel free to include content for us to share as well.

General Social Media Tips

One of the easiest ways for businesses to engage with the Kensington BIA is by liking, following and tagging the @kensingtonyyc account on Instagram and Twitter and @kensingtoncalgary on Facebook. By tagging @kensingtonyyc and @kensingtoncalgary in your posts, we can do our best to re-share the images to the Kensington social media platforms & social media stories. This, in turn, strengthens your social media presence because you are reaching a wider audience.

Additional Tips: 

  • Post at consistent times
  • Engage with your followers and target audience
  • Choose a mixture of graphics and video on feeds
  • Utilize user-generated content

Kensington uses a few standardized hashtags on their posts along with additional hashtags that are unique to that post. Using hashtags helps to expand your audience & reach. By using these hashtags your posts will be shown on these hashtag pages, as well as those of other Kensington BRZ members.

#kensingtonyyc #kensingtonlove #kensingtoncalgary

When using hashtags it is important to be strategic:

1) One tip we have for hashtags is to use three to five maximum per post. If you use any more than this amount, the algorithm will consider it spam and push it down on social feeds, which is not effective.

2)Use very targeted hashtags. For instance, we hashtag #kensingtonyyc so it is not confused with another Kensington. Be specific to reach your targeted audience!

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