Every city seems to have that one charming community that’s perfect for a Sunday stroll, a slow-moving brunch hangout, or the ideal place to take the family when they’re in town for a visit. In Calgary, that’s the community of Kensington-Sunnyside.

It really only feels like two long and intersecting streets (10th Street and Kensington Road) once you cross the Louise Bridge, but there are so many shops to explore, local businesses, and of course, plenty of food spots.

There are iconic streets like Stephen Avenue that feel mostly made up of chain restaurants (nothing wrong with that, just saying), or 17th Avenue that seems to change by day (easygoing, friendly) and night (vibrant, busy). It’s Kensington-Sunnyside where you go for locally owned spots that feel like staples in the community.

There’s peace here. Cafes aren’t lined up outside the door with people eagerly waiting to grab a caramel latte with oat milk extra foam extra hot before they head to work. Lunchtime isn’t filled with business people in suits asserting their dominance over the cheque. People come here to enjoy their time, and it starts with incredible places to grab a bite.

From some of the best pizza-by-the-slice in the city to upscale pubs, this area is a food lover’s paradise.

There’s no way we could mention them all, but here are some of our favourite food and drink gems in Calgary’s Kensington-Sunnyside neighbourhood.

Calgary is home to some amazing gems, longstanding classics, and under-the-radar establishments when it comes to stellar food and beverage.

We’re doing the digging for you by highlighting the best local destinations to check out in each neighbourhood (if you haven’t already).

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