Norfolk Housing Association opened almost 40 years ago within the Kensington community. The company was started by a group of like-minded community members who were also active with the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association. It then branched off into two separate entities, one of which being Norfolk Housing Association.

Norfolk Housing Association’s mission is “to create inclusive and affordable communities by providing mixed-market rental housing through collaborative partnerships.” The mixed market model allows 50 per cent of residents to pay market rent and 50 per cent of residents to pay rent-geared-to-income. This model promotes diversity, anonymity and inclusivity within the community rather than having a subsidised housing seperate from the community.

The mixed market model allows Norfolk Housing Association to not only be landlords, but compassionate landlords. This can be seen through their events, workshops and community spaces they’ve created for their residents. They’ve also recently incorporated a Community Advisory Group which allows residents to participate in meetings and surveys about the changes they would like to see.

Norfolk Housing Association has five properties within Sunnyside and Hillhurst. They offer one, two and three bedroom units within their townhouses and apartments for residents, and commercial spaces in Kensington. According to Cynthia Mazereeuw, Communications and Engagement Specialist at Norfolk Housing, choosing the Kensington, Sunnyside and Hillhurst communities for their properties was a natural fit. They love that Kensington truly embraces their model and provides support, anonymity and some great opportunities for their residents.

“We believe that healthy communities are diverse, you need people of all different walks of life and all their different unique stories, and backgrounds is what creates a thriving community,” says Cynthia Mazereeuw, “we believe that with the help of Hillhurst Sunnyside for the last 40 years we’ve proven it.”

To learn more about this wonderful organization and the spaces they have to offer, visit or check out their Facebook page to stay up to date on the latest events @NorfolkHousingAssociation.

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