Founded in Bondi Beach in 2012, Bailey Nelson is an international brand who found their most recent home in Calgary, in the community of Kensington.

With boutiques in Australia, London, New Zealand, and Canada, Bailey Nelson’s vision is to empower individuality and self-expression through their beautiful, affordable eyewear, inviting stores and incredible people.

“Bailey Nelson is a strong believer in the idea of community, and the North American Director came to Calgary to walk around in the communities and fell in love with Kensington, it happened very organically” 

Calgary is Bailey Nelsons fifth Canadian location, and they’ve brought their unique approach to eyewear with them.

“Started by two gentleman, Nick and Pete. One day, as a University student, Nick broke his glasses and had to pay upwards of $600 for a replacement. He thought there had to be a better way, which is what sparked the business model for Bailey Nelson” 

Bailey Nelson does comprehensive eye exams and has a wide selection of frames and sunglasses which range from $150-$350, which include the lenses. They are the sole manufacture of their frames, giving them flexibility on pricing.

The companies’ choice to move to Kensington has meshed well with their business model, and the brightly lit and welcoming store front has attracted the attention of many people passing by.

“I love the vibe down here, it’s fast paced, but still laid back. It’s a destination community, whereas many people know what they are coming for. As for the other businesses, we’ve already built great partnerships, and can’t wait to connect with even more business owners,” says store manager, Tamara Johnson.

For more information on Bailey Nelson, follow @BaileyNelson_CA on Twitter, @BaileyNelsonCDN on Facebook and BaileyNelsonCA on Instagram. Or visit to book your next eye exam or browse their great selection!

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