The BIA hosted a member breakfast on June 14 for our member businesses called “Coffee and Doughnuts with the Cops” hosted at Tim Hortons. Members had the chance to meet our Community Liaison Police Officer, Cst. James Dore and took the opportunity to discuss BIA concerns with the officer who is assigned specifically to Kensington.

Most of the discussion revolved around shoplifting, public realm security and small business concerns. Below, find some resources we have found:


Social Disorder Issues
  • Overdose/drug issues – Call 911 if urgent (person is non-responsive).
    If not urgent, call the DOAP Team – 403-998- 7388. To learn more about the DOAP Team, follow this link.
  • Panhandling – is permitted unless person is blocking the sidewalk or is abusive. Contact police non-emergency (403-266- 1234) or bylaw (311) for sidewalk blocking and/or abusive behaviour.
  • Homeless encampment – report to bylaw via 311.
  • Person asleep on the street – Call the DOAP Team to assess – 403-998- 7388.


Some Crime Prevention Tips

  • Watch for someone who looks more at other people than shopping.
  • Establish a code word/phrase to alert all staff members to a potential theft or suspicious customer.
  • Be alert and attentive. Greet every customer with eye to eye contact. Customers want service; thieves don’t.
  • If you are robbed:
  • Stay calm, cooperate with demands.
  • Don’t make any sudden movements. Explain what you are doing.
  • Warn the robber of any potential surprises (for example, there is someone in the washroom/stockroom who may come out)
  • Never follow the robber.
  • Call 911. Be prepared to describe robber, vehicle.
  • Lock your doors to preserve crime scene.
  • Ask witnesses to remain. Collect contact information if they cannot.
  • Have everyone write down all the details they can remember without consulting each other.
  • Prepare a list of stolen items.

If your business has been burglarized during closed hours:

  • Call 911.
  • Do not enter your business.
  • Get an incident number from police.

Credit Card Fraud (one of the fastest growing areas of crime):

  • Train staff on procedures.
  • Always obtain the card (not just the numbers).
  • Check expiry date.
  • Ask for photo ID and compare photo to shopper if you are suspicious.
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