Did you know that a lot of Kensington’s streetscape cleaning is done by the City’s Clean to the Core Team?

The Clean to the Core program was modeled after the successful GAPP Program (Graffiti Awareness & Abatement Program) where the BIA’s and the City of Calgary worked together between public and private enterprise to help reduce inner city graffiti. The funding to 5 inner City BIAs is granted and administered by Animal and Bylaw Services. The CBiZ Clean Team is a joint venture established in 2006 with the City Of Calgary and the Clean to the Core initiative.

CBiZ has effectively used the funding provided during the past ten and a half years to support inner-city BIA environment beautification projects in conjunction with the services provided by the City of Calgary.

The intent of starting this partnership was to create sustainable and safe shopping districts within the BIA. Double KK Property Services had been contracted from 2006 – 2017 to perform the duties required within the 5 BIA districts. While working within the BIA areas the staff at Double KK Property Services has become known as the “CBiZ Clean Team”.

The CBiZ Clean Team provides street maintenance within Calgary’s 5 inner-city BIAs, including are Victoria Crossing, 4th Street, 17th Ave RED, Kensington and the Calgary Downtown Association. Along with regular weekly schedules for each of the BIAs the CBiZ Clean Team adapted to certain situations in order to assist Calgary Roads with any major issues that needed to be addressed.

In 2017 the CBIZ Clean Team performed main duties in each of the 5 BIA’s as well as specific duties in each. The disposal of garbage from receptacles, litter pick-up, graffiti removal, poster/sticker removal from poles and street furniture and gum removal where common year round.

Throughout the fall the additional task of leaf clean-up as well as any necessary snow removal and/or ice prevention on public sidewalks in winter.

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