Co-owners Michal and Lissy Chojnacki of the Kensington Tim Hortons have a long history within the Kensington community and with Tim Hortons, so putting them together was a natural fit.

Michal started working at his aunt’s Tim Hortons over 12 years ago where he fell in love with the culture. When offered the opportunity to open his own Tim Hortons, it was an easy yes. During the search for a location, the Kensington site was proposed to them. Lissy had previously worked in Kensington for six years and loved working in the neighbourhood. Without knowing much more, they decided to just go for it. Since then, they haven’t looked back.

Michal and Lissy’s favourite part of Kensington is that it feels like a small city within a larger one, they truly believe it is unlike any community within Calgary. They love the feel, community and most of all, the people that call Kensington home.

“The thing that makes this Tim Hortons so unique are the people that come here. During our Grand Opening, we had a lady come into the store who had two daughters and without knowing me, she invited myself and our two daughters to her house for a playdate. It was the nicest thing. I haven’t gone yet, but I’ll have to visit her very soon,” says Lissy Chojnacki, co-owner of the Kensington Tim Hortons

You can visit Michal and Lissy at 1204 Kensington Rd NW. Sit and enjoy a coffee with them, they’d love to hear your favourite Kensington story.



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