Kensington helped develop the Utility Box Public Art Program with the City of Calgary in 2017. We have several artist-painted boxes in Kensington.

This City of Calgary program uses money for regular life-cycle maintenance of City assets in a creative way: street-level artworks are created on City utility boxes by local artists.

These functional works of art have contributed to making life better in Calgary in a few ways:

  • they add vibrancy to our public realm,
  • create a sense of place and identity for your communities and,
  • greatly reduce graffiti.

Further information is available on the City of Calgary website: 


Title: Utilistories
Artist: Helen Young and Nikki Sheppy
Location: 407 10 St NW (St. John’s Building)
Year of Completion: 2017

Title: Utilistories
Artist: Andrew Tarrant
Location: 1120 Kensington Rd NW (Norfolk House)
Year of Completion: 2017

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