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Kensington is a busy place!

The BIA works hard to maintain the public realm, add new art, create a safe and inclusive community, build inroads with the City of Calgary departments, and continue to market and grow the Kensington brand. There’s always something going on in our shopping district. 

NearHere interactive display coming to Kensington

Kensington is proud to host a new interactive public engagement installation on the Safeway Plaza.   Created with the intention of making Calgary more walkable, Near Here combines exploration and human interaction, resulting in organic wayfinding to help...

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Bow-to-Bluff Fully Funded!

Exciting news! After years of work, City of Calgary Council has committed $4 million to fully fund the Bow to Bluff Public Realm Plan. The Bow to Bluff plan began as a citizen-led initiative focused on transforming the neglected spaces along the LRT line between the...

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Uncover Kensington – Foodie-Festival

Calling all grub lovers and feasting friends, Curiocity is unveiling our very first foodie-festival that will be coming to Calgary later this month. For 9 delicious days, Uncover Kensington will showcase some of the best restaurants in one of Calgary’s favourite...

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First Canadian National Network of BIAs formed

Canadian BRZ/BIA Executive Directors representing all the provinces have formed a leadership group to move forward on work by the first Canadian national network of Business Improvement Areas under the auspices of the International Downtown Association. Kensington was...

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Tax Shift Update

Executive Director, Annie MacInnis For the past two years the loss of revenues from downtown businesses affected by the economy has been downloaded onto businesses outside the downtown core. In 2017 and 2018 City Council used money from savings to cap business tax...

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New Parking App Launched

In December 2018, Calgary Parking Authority launched a new mobile app for the City. You can find the app on your mobile device by searching in your app server for "Calgary Parking Authority". With parking at a premium, there is an ongoing belief that Kensington has...

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City of Calgary – BIA Toolkit Completed

In 2015, our Executive Director, Annie MacInnis, as Chair of the CBiz Board (the umbrella organization of Calgary BIAs), initiated discussions with the City of Calgary on the need for a BIA handbook. Over the next three years she provided extensive input and...

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Utility Box Public Art Program

Kensington helped develop the Utility Box Public Art Program with the City of Calgary in 2017. We have several artist-painted boxes in Kensington. This City of Calgary program uses money for regular life-cycle maintenance of City assets in a creative way: street-level...

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