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Kensington is a busy place! The BIA works hard to maintain the public realm, add new art, create a safe and inclusive community, build inroads with the City of Calgary departments, and continue to market and grow the Kensington brand. There’s always something going on in our shopping district. 

We will be expanding this area in the coming months to provide news, information and resources for our members and the community at large.

If you have resources you’d like to see featured, contact our office!


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  • Small Business Lease NegotiationTips
  • Social Media for your Small Business

Kensington News

New Parking App Launched

In December 2018, Calgary Parking Authority launched a new mobile app for the City. You can find the app on your mobile device by searching in your app server for "Calgary Parking Authority". With parking at a premium, there is an ongoing belief that Kensington has...

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Utility Box Public Art Program

Kensington helped develop the Utility Box Public Art Program with the City of Calgary in 2017. We have several artist-painted boxes in Kensington. This City of Calgary program uses money for regular life-cycle maintenance of City assets in a creative way: street-level...

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