July 5, 2019

Dear BRZ members:

My apologies for not sending a newsletter to you all sooner. Fighting on your behalf to try to lower your taxes has dominated my work plan since last November. I’m disappointed I cannot report better results for all that work.

Website & Social Media

We have refreshed our website.  From now on any emails like this (as well as lots of other useful information) will also be uploaded to the website member resources page so if you are busy and BRZ emails get lost in your unread emails, now just go to the website. We will soon be updating the business directory on the website so please check your listing in case you have corrections or changes.

Our new social media person, Amber, is doing a great job. If you are posting on social media please remember to use #kensingtonlove or #kensingtonyyc in order to get retweeted.

Events, events, events!

Regarding events for the reminder of 2019, last summer’s forced pivot from Harry Potter to a Magic and Fantasy Faire was less successful that we had hoped. Rather than rushing into a new summer festival, the Board elected to take this year to re-evaluate what we hope to achieve from our events and how to best help our members in this downturn with the most strategic use of levy funds.

There is a new Kensington event, Sun n Cerveza, happening on July 28. The event is being organized by some of our eateries and pubs. The BRZ will help promote the event which is an Indoor Craft Beer Festival in 7 Kensington businesses. There will be DJs in each of the 7 businesses, special beers to try and prizes to win. Keep an eye on the website event page and main page for details of events happening in Kensington. Thank you to OJs and Sidestreet for spearheading this new event.

If you are organizing an event in your business please be sure to let us know so we can help promote your event too.

Additional upcoming events:

  • September 10 – Listen and Learn Breakfast meeting for BRZ members
  • September 20 – Pride Block Party at Containerville on 2nd Ave (Thank you to TD Bank for organizing this.)
  • September 20 – PARK(ing) Day with 15 activations on Kensington Road (Thank you to the City of Calgary for choosing Kensington as the Calgary official host for this international event.)
  • September 27 – Children’s Wish Event: Heroes Challenge Scavenger Hunt, (Thank you to Children’s Wish for asking Kensington to host this event.)
  • September (date to be determined) –Reveal Alley Party behind businesses on the south side of Kensington Crescent to launch an alley beautification and giant mural project the BRZ has been working on.

We are doing Christmas in Kensington as usual with strolling Santa and free Horse and Wagon rides for all four Saturdays and a petting zoo on one of the days. We also plan to make Kensington look more festive for the season. We’re working on more lights in the trees, getting the big tree decorated and installed on the wide plaza area and working on making Kensington sparkle for the Christmas season.

  • November 30- Christmas in Kensington
  • December 7 – Christmas in Kensington
  • December 14 – Christmas in Kensington
  • December 21 – Christmas in Kensington

What else are we working on? 

We’ve received a grant to paint all our streetlight and traffic signals poles with a revolutionary new non-stick paint so poles won’t always be defaced by old posters and tape and tags. We’ll do this project as soon as we clear final City permissions process.

Our Off the Wall summer graffiti removal team works in Kensington every Monday and so far have removed 132 graffiti tags.

We hope to be installing a cool interactive kinetic wind energy public art piece on the wide plaza area in front of Trapped on Kensington Road sometime in August. We are just working through the final City permissions.

We are buying two new sets of banners this year. New designs for our streetlight banners for this winter and next spring have been chosen via a social media campaign. 


Public Realm Updates 

The Community Association’s Bow to Bluff project to beautify the 6 small parks (parklets) along the east side of the LRT tracks from Memorial Drive to the bluff has finally secured funding to proceed. Some of you may remember the BRZ provided space in the old Anthill building on 10th for the citizen engagement portion of that project. If you want to learn more about this project, look for this post on our website: http://kensingtonyyc.com/bow-to-bluff-fully-funded/. The giant swings installation in the south parklet will certainly be a draw for Instagram posts and bring people to Kensington.

When the BRZ secured funding to replace the public realm we did not receive quite enough money to do everything we hoped. We are still working on finding funding to fix up the south side of 3rd Ave and to update the wide plaza area in front of Pages and Trapped.

Kensington Crescent was also excluded from the public realm replacement project but we’ve not forgotten that the south side of the Crescent needs improvement. We’ve been working with the City and the Kensington House property manager to improve the walkability and appearance of the south side of Kensington Crescent. We’ve gotten a tripping hazard manhole cover lowered and the beautification portion being installed soon. Thank you to Kensington House for installing these planters and for agreement to handle maintenance. We will continue to advocate to the City for the cobblestones to be removed and the walking surface to be replaced.


Annie MacInnis, Executive Director
Kensington Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ)
200 203 10A Street NW, Calgary, AB, T2N 1W7

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