“West of the Fourth”
lead by Connor Adams
& Don Kinihan
Sept 25th at Trapped / Plaza

Wyatt Louis
Oct 2nd at Trapped / Plaza

Emily Triggs
Oct 9th at Trapped/Plaza

SPIN CLASS TODAY// The warm weather hasn’t left us yet, so why not gear up with @yyccycle for a spin class in front of @theplazayyc & @trappedcalgary this evening, Thursday, Sept. 23?!

You can register for the FREE class through the link in @yyccycle bio (first come, first serve & you must register before hand).

Classes are as follows:
5:15 -6:00 p.m. & 6:15-7:00 p.m.

RE:GIVE// Got Cards? Our September #KensingtonLoveLetters non-profit organization spotlight is @re.give!

re:give has made it as effortless as possible for you to better your community by simply donating your partially used gift cards! They accept gift cards with any remaining balance (yes, even if it’s only $0.05!).

Better yet, you can head to their website to get free postage for mailing in your cards. If that still seems like too much work (we don’t judge) gather your friends and get your cards picked up right from your doorstep- or come down to Kensington this Saturday to enjoy a live performance by @westofthefourth and bring your partially used cards with you!
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SATURDAY MUSIC IN KENSINGTON // This Saturday, Sept. 25, you can find @westofthefourth performing in front of @trappedcalgary from 12:30-2:30 p.m.

“West of the Fourth” lead by Connor Adams, and Don Kinihan, is a singer/songwriter acoustic duo based out of rural Alberta. Their songs reflect western lifestyle and culture lived through the western prairies. Their first single “Cowpony” was released July 31st and then “Merryflat Waltz” Sept. 17th 2021. With 4 more singles coming from their debut self titled EP this year they hope to make their mark on the Albertan and Canadian music landscape.

Come watch these two gentlemen make their mark in #kensingtonyyc & write your #kensingtonloveletters for a chance to win $1,000 in Kensington business gift cards!
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CHUNK'D BBF COOKIES // You're one smart cookie- at least you are if you plan to hit @chunkd in #kensingtonyyc! These gooey, chunky and delicious cookies are sure to fix any sugar craving!
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KENSINGTON LOVE LETTERS // Our 500th love letter! Yes, you heard that right. We have received 500 #kensingtonloveletters!

Write your own love letter to the #kensingtonyyc neighbourhood for a chance to win $1,000 in #kensingtonyyc business gift cards.
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SATURDAY MUSIC IN KENSINGTON // This Saturday, Sept 18, local Calgary DJ, Chris Pizzacalla, is performing in front of @trappedcalgary from 12:30-2:30 p.m.

Come listen to some rockin’ tunes & write your #kensingtonloveletters for a chance to win $1,000 in #kensingtonyyc business gift cards!
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F45 // Finding time to workout with a busy schedule can feel like a hassle sometimes. Which is why @f45_training_calgarykensington prioritizes functional, fast, and result-driven training!
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RE:GIVE// Our #KensingtonLoveLetter spotlight for the month of September is @re.give!

Did you know there are billions of dollars that go to waste on partially or unused gift cards, just in Canada alone? Since launching, @re.give has collected thousands of dollars in partially used gift cards that would have otherwise been thrown away. By combining the value on like cards, and redistributing to community programs in their requested denominations, all of this monetary waste has been injected back into the economy in a meaningful way that makes a difference. Come visit re:give in Kensington this Saturday, where you can enjoy a live performance by @youthsingersofcalgary A Capella group ONCUE, and #GiveWhatYouGot to make a difference by donating old gift cards you already have, and will throw away anyway!

FRESH SKIS // Although we love the summer and snowless sidewalks, we can't help to be excited for ski season. If you're like us, you are already dreaming of new gear & fresh powder- @freshskis knowledgable staff will make sure you are cruising down the hill in style!
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Dan the One Man Band
July 17th

July 24

Amelie Patterson
August 7th

Justine Vandergift
August 14th

Welcome to Kensington

With over 250 businesses, Kensington is one of Calgary’s most vibrant communities.

Whether you want to bike along the river, stroll the neighbourhood while sipping some of Calgary’s finest coffee or spend the night listening to live music – Kensington has it all! Considered Calgary’s Urban Village, Kensington offers a unique, inner-city experience. Located just off the Sunnyside LRT Station and walking distance from downtown, it’s possible to spend an entire day exploring the shops and restaurants, or an entire weekend by staying at one of the beautiful boutique hotels.

Over 245 businesses offering
dining, shopping & services

Surrounding population of
 10,000+ residents

3,000 people employed
by our member businesses

Social Distancing & Safe Shopping

If you are visiting our shops and eateries, we encourage you to practice safe social distancing by staying 2M away (two arm’s lengths) from others you meet in public settings. Learn more: Social Distancing Practices

Resources: Bylaw 26M2020
Face Covering Notice (for business to display)
Bylaw Q&A Sheet

Kensington Announcements!


Full BIA Levy Paid for by City of Calgary!

To support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic The City has applied a BIA tax credit towards the entire 2021 BIA tax levy for our Kensington Member Businesses! The BIA tax credit funding is equal to the total 2021 BIA tax levy.

Learn more about  through these links:

Note: You must be a Kensington BIA member business to
participate in our contesting give-aways.

“FREE MONEY” for all BIA members!

The Kensington Board has approved a massive give-away campaign for the summer to attract people to the area. We will be buying gift certificates from our member businesses to help put money back in your pocket!

The contests will run from
June to November
over $40,000 in prizes
to Kensington shoppers!!!

If you’re a shopper, watch our social media and website
for details coming soon! 

If you are a Kensington BIA member business and you would like to participate, please email our ED with your average sale amount and confirm your ability to sell gift certificates or gift cards. We’ll arrange to stop in at your store or service and make a purchase! (Opportunities to participate will occur monthly throughout the contesting period.)

Featured Businesses

For your finance needs!

Offering a wide variety of personal and business finance solutions.
Edward Jones Financial Advisors

Grab a drink!

Boasting a large selection of wines, beer and spirits from all around the world.
Spirit of Kensington


Treat your tastebuds!

Freshly ground nut butter sandwiches that will change your concept of breakfast forever.
PB and J YYC

Brands you know and love!

A wide selection of artisan & vintage jewellery, shoes, giftware & accessories.
Kensington Konsignment

Pamper your pet!

Pet supplies like food, bedding and other accesories for your beloved cat or dog.
The New Forest


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Local News

KensingtonYYC on Twitter

“One of my favourite communities in Calgary! Great for strolls, shopping, dining…you name it, Kensington’s got it!”

“It’s the perfect community for dining, shopping or just walking around. So many great local businesses!”

“Always glad
we chose Kensington to build our business.”
~ Mike, Sidestreet Pub

“I love Kensington. I’ve been visiting it for 20 years and although it keeps getting better, I love how it still has the same welcoming feel.”