2019 Annual General Meeting 

The Board and ED more than doubled the $220,000 levy amount to $495,000+ value with in-kind donations, sponsors and grant dollars. 

Once again, the Board has voted to
not increase the levy in 2020.

Our primary focus in 2019 was on tax issues and financial lobbying to the City of Calgary. This will remain a focus in the coming year as we heard consistent and significant concern on this issue at the October 23 AGM Meeting that was well attended and provided valuable insight and feedback from our members.

Additional feedback included discussions on social media, marketing, a strong desire for more events and concerns on alleyway graffiti and public realm tidiness. 

Thank you to all who attended!

2019 AGM – October 23, 2019 – 23 participants + Board members attended 

2019 Highlights 

$422,897est.  Total Value to Kensington
Levy + In-Kind, Sponsored & Granted Projects + Surplus Parking Revenue + Media & Events

Media & Events Value:
10 print media feature pieces
18 online articles
2 radio feature spots
7 television feature pieces

Social Media Followers

+2,217 new followers across facebook, twitter and instagram

Levy Amount

$39,406 spent in
Member Businesses

Applied to achieve Strategic Plan Budgeted Items including:

  • C-Biz/City Liaison
  • MGA/Provincial participation
  • AbBIA (provincial org work)
  • Website redesign and new Member Directory
  • Streetscape & public realm management
  • See our AGM report below for more details.

Surplus Parking Revenue

This annual revenue stream is derived from a percentage of surplus parking generated in Kensington the previous year. Calgary Parking Authority, City Council approved this policy in the spring of 2017. Funds are held by the City to only be spent on public realm projects and cannot be spent on operations or events. 

$159,000 est.
In-Kind, Sponsored & Granted Projects

Beautification & Art Projects
City of Calgary Community Partnerships
Calgary Parking Authority Projects
City of Calgary Departments
Provincial Government
Annual Grants
Event Sponsorships
In-Kind Donations


    Advocacy work at City Hall on behalf of Kensington businesses regarding non-residential property taxes and the tax shift as well as outstanding projects in Kensington that require funding (3rd Ave south side re do and Plaza update) has taken a significant amount of the ED’s time this year.

    The commercial property taxes issue alone consumed 290 work hours and other advocacy work used up a further 121 hours.

    Read an update about the issue and efforts so far in the AGM Report below.


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