Annual General Meeting 

2018 was a busy year for Kensington!

The Board and ED grew the $220,000 levy amount to double value with in-kind donations, sponsors and grant dollars. Total value to Kensington was $420,000+.

2018 AGM – October 17, 2018 participants

2018 Highlights


$422,897 Total Value to Kensington

Levy + In-Kind, Sponsored & Granted Projects
+ Surplus Parking Revenue + Media & Events

Media & Events Value

Total Media Impressions

Levy Amount

$19,757 spent in Member Businesses

Applied to achieve Strategic Plan Budgeted Items including:

  • C-Biz/City Liaison
  • MGA/Provincial participation
  • Formation of AbBIA (provincial organization
  • Website updates
  • Parking Awareness campaign
  • Governance work
  • Kensington Society formation
  • Streetscape & public realm management
  • Member Engagement work


Surplus Parking Revenue

This annual revenue stream is derived from a percentage of surplus parking generated in Kensington the previous year. Calgary Parking Authority, City Council approved this policy in the spring of 2017. Funds are held by the City to only be spent on public realm projects and cannot be spent on operations or events.


    In-Kind, Sponsored & Granted Projects

    Beautification & Art Projects
    City of Calgary Community Partnerships
    Calgary Parking Authority Projects
    City of Calgary Departments
    Provincial Government
    Annual Grants
    Event Sponsorships
    In-Kind Donations


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